Hosting Your Machines

1. Purchase A Machine

Fill out our contact form to get in contact with your personal mining ambassador. Our ambassador will offer suggestions based on your goals and pair your operation with the best equipment to facilitate it. After your order is submitted, your ambassador will send your invoices and guide you through the wire instructions.

2. Get Set Up With Hosting

After payment is received, our facilitation team will begin setting up your mining operation. Your machines are set up to give you an entirely hands-off mining experience. You maintain complete ownership of your machine and retain complete access to your mined income. Monitor your machine's production in real time and get live updates and support from your ambassador,  while getting a cheaper electricity rate than most places in the country.

3. Get Direct Crypto Deposits 

Watch your portfolio grow every single day. Monitor your machine performance in real time via your machine interface. Store, save, trade, and grow your crypto portfolio with daily deposits into your personal crypto wallet. 

Equipment Solutions

Store your new mining rig at one of our facilities and make your investment truly hands free. Have our specialized technicians maintain and manage your machines, update algorithms, and minitoring hardware to ensure both maximum profitability and continuous uptime.

Protected Investment

Each rig stored at our facility carries around-the-clock security monitoring and an on site team well versed in crypto mining management. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your machine is in good hands.


Make sure your investment gets the care it deserves. We maximize your equipment's lifespan hosted in our state-of-the-art facilities. Each location features temperature and humidity regulation with clean air filtration. with 24/7 technician support.


Get more than just hosting, build a partnership with us. Starting and growing a top of the line mining operation couldn't be easier. Crypto is a constantly innovating universe, work with us to learn about new ventures in the space. We bring simplicity to scale. 
Five Star Locations
Have your rigs safely stored and operated under optimal conditions. Maximize uptime and longevity. Roll out the red carpet for your rigs. 
Effortless Setup
Start generating income through mining without the headache. All we need is your wallet address, and we'll take care of the rest.  
Passive Operations
Monitor your rig's production in real time and get direct deposits into your wallet without worrying about maintaining or managing your rig. Our on site technicians work to handle every aspect of mining so you don't have to.

How To Get Started

For Businesses Or Individuals Looking To Start Crypto Mining.


Place An Order

Once you are ready to get started, contact us directly using the link below. Tell us what your goals are and our team will work to create a systematic way to reach them.



Pay with crypto or bank wire. Our team will provide all of the necessary information to put your payment through. We require upfront payment before the delivery of your order.



Our support technicians will directly walk you through the mining process, to ensure that you have a healthy understanding of what your mining operation entails.


Sourcing + Optimization

Each mining rig is sourced from manufacturers. We ensure that each machine is brand new with manufacturer warranty. Once your rig is set up at our facility, it is quality tested for 24-48 hours to ensure its proper performance.



After the optimization is concluded, we set up all of the necessary software exactly to your liking. Our specialists walk you through our applications so you can monitor your rig and use the crypto that is being generated. 


Hosting /Shipping

After each rig is sourced, setup, and optimized, it goes online at our hosting facility. Monitor your rigs production 24/7 through your phone or computer and recieve your earned crypto directly to your wallet.

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