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Providing turnkey hardware acquisition, co-location, and mining management services. Cryptocurrency mining is very energy intensive, which is why we utilize hosting centers strategically located around the world where we can provide affordable electricity, with stable cooling and filtration solutions, and on-site technicians to maintain your machines to give you a truly hands-off mining operation.

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North American ASIC Miner Hosting

Our team helps bring you amazing value at a price point affordable to you. We utilize the latest in large-scale mining infrastructure and work hand-in-hand with both governments and partners to ensure that your miners are put online, on time. There are few mining operations that can offer this level of quality and service in a protected data center space that utilizes the best in miner management technology. Whether you're looking for quality service, vast amounts of power or a cost-effective solution to hosting, you've come to the right place.

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Hosting Sites

We offer hosting services across North America, and our years of experience and connections in IT and data center infrastructure allow us to bring you exceptional value at a profitable price point. We make it easy for partners to white label our solutions and create and scale their own industrial grade mining operations.


Site Alpha

South Carolina, holds a modular data center grid facility where power is sourced from grid and renewable sources.

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Site Bravo

North Washington holds a green energy facility where power is sourced directly from a hydroelectric plant.

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Site Charlie

Just North of Kansas City holds a modular facility powered by a mix of grid and recycled natural gas to power operations.

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