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We're building an inclusive system that makes cryptocurrency mining a universal investing option for people and businesses worldwide. Partner with us to get access into our framework of energy solutions, operational management, and infrastructure designed for high efficiency mining operations. 

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Respective Benefits
Mining Over Trading Crypto?

Trading and mining are different forms of investing into cryptocurrency that each have their own respective upsides. While crypto itself is easy to buy and sell, mining is generally looked at as more of a long term investment. The purchase of a mining machine can serve as a full tax deduction in the year of purchase. Each machine produces cryptocurrency 24/7 and has its own market value. A similar comparison would be a cash-flowing rental property compared to buying a real estate stock.

State Of The Art Operations
Featured Mining Equipment

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Bitmain Antminer KS3 Kaspa Miner 8.2 9.4TH/S

$29,000.00 $19,298.00
  • 8.2 TH
  • 9.4 TH

The IceRiver KAS KS3 boasts impressive specifications, offering a maximum hash rate of 8 to 9.4TH/s. This high hash rate allows miners to process a substantial number of computations per second, increasing the likelihood of successfully mining blocks and earning rewards.

The Bitmain KS3 is designed to be power-efficient, consuming 3200W/h during mining operations. The efficient power consumption allows miners to reduce their electricity expenses while maximizing their mining output. By optimizing power usage, miners can enhance their profitability and achieve a higher return on investment (ROI).

For volume purchases, special pricing is available. Contact a live chat agent or fill out an inquiry form. 180-day warranty provided by Bitmain. All sales are final– returns and refunds not accepted.

Easily start mining operations for yourself, LLCs, trusts, and other entities through a single unified interface. Get tax deductions for equipment purchases and operational expenses.

Qualifying Questions
Is Mining Right For You?

Are You Prepared To Invest In Crypto For The Long Term?

Crypto mining is a long term investment into the infrastructure of crypto. While crypto mining generates cashflow every single month, the beauty lies in the upside potential. As the market increases, so does the value of your entire mined portfolio so we recommend our clients be prepared to hold crypto for the long term to truly get the most out of their investment.

Are You Investing Money That You Are Reliant On?

If you are investing money that you need to pay your bills, don't. Crypto mining is a great way to diversify your portfolio with a high upside. It is not something that will get you rich overnight, however. A good rule of thumb is to only invest only what you can afford to lose. As your machine produces income every day, you

Do You Have at least $100,000 In Liquid Assets?

Liquid assets are all of your cash, crypto holdings, stocks, and other assets that can be easily converted to cash. Crypto mining requires a minimum investment of ~ $5,000 to get started, so we use $100,000 in liquid assets as a baseline recommendation for getting into mining and comfortably starting an operation.

State Of The Art Operations
Explore The Benefits

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Establish Your Crypto Portfolio

Tax Advantages
Get tax deductions for equipment purchases and operational expenses for personal and business accounts.
Entity Accounts
Invest in crypto with your LLC, Trust, or other entities and experience to diversify your income.
Asset Appreciation 
Invest into an industry with historically exponential returns, historyically exceeding blue chip stocks by 10x. 

Establish Your Crypto Portfolio

Experience our ability to rapidly scale operations from dozens of machines to thousands at lightning pace.
Find out how IRA, 401k, and other retirement accounts are incredibly tax-friendly when it comes to mining.
Self Custody
Retain full ownership over machines and wallets while we professionally handle all physical aspects of your operations.

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Our Clients Are Everything

"Vlad and The Pickaxe Crew Are Great."

"At Pickaxe, we strive to raise the bar for service in the crypto mining industry. When making the decision to investing in Bitcoin mining hardware, the process should be smooth and transparent. That's why we strive to build out a relationship with each and every one of our clients based on trust and clear and direct communication. "
- Vlad Kolomyza
Co-Founder and CEO

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Get A Passive Income Stream

1. Purchase A Machine

Fill out our contact form to get in contact with your personal mining ambassador. Our ambassador will offer suggestions based on your goals and pair your operation with the best equipment to facilitate it. After your order is submitted, your ambassador will send your invoices and guide you through the wire instructions.

2. Get Set Up With Hosting

After payment is received, our facilitation team will begin setting up your mining operation. Your machines are set up to give you an entirely hands-off mining experience. You maintain complete ownership of your machine and retain sole access to your mined income. Monitor your machine's production in real time, get live updates and support from your ambassador, all while getting a cheaper electricity rate than most places in the country.

3. Get Direct Crypto Deposits 

Watch your portfolio grow every single day. Monitor your machine performance in real time via your machine interface. Store, save, trade, and grow your crypto portfolio with daily deposits into your crypto wallet of choice. 

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