Kadena KA3

~February 2023 Estimate~
Monthly Income - $1810 (KDA)
Yearly Income - $21,720 (KDA)
(Before Electricity)

Prices and revenue fluctuate daily. For real-time pricing and profitability, get a quote down below.
  • Hosted
  • 166TH
Easily start mining operations for yourself, LLCs, trusts, and other entities through a single unified interface. Get tax advantages for equipment purchases and operational expenses.

Private Client Services

Quick Lead Time
Get your mining operation running. You no longer have to wait months for your rigs to get online. Get your machines online and start getting paid out within a few weeks of purchase.
Private Ambassadors
Get assigned an ambassador for your mining operation. Get a direct line of communication surrounding status updates, consultations, or questions about aspects of your operation.
Consistent Uptime
Get your machines up and running - and keep them that way. No more waiting for months if issues arise. Get consistent uptime and quick turnaround in the event of downtime.

Hosting Your Machines

1. Purchase A Machine

Fill out our contact form to get in contact with your personal mining ambassador. Our ambassador will offer suggestions based on your goals and pair your operation with the best equipment to facilitate it. After your order is submitted, your ambassador will send your invoices and guide you through the wire instructions.

2. Get Set Up With Hosting

After payment is received, our facilitation team will begin setting up your mining operation. Your machines are set up to give you an entirely hands-off mining experience. You maintain complete ownership of your machine and retain complete access to your mined income. Monitor your machine's production in real time and get live updates and support from your ambassador,  while getting a cheaper electricity rate than most places in the country.

3. Get Direct Crypto Deposits 

Watch your portfolio grow every single day. Mine KDA and monitor your machine performance in real time via your profitability interface. Store, save, trade, and grow your crypto portfolio with daily deposits into your personal crypto wallet. 

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  1. How Does The Purchase Process Work?
    Once you have chosen your desired equipment, contact us or place an order directly through our checkout page. You will recieve an invoice to your email with payment instructions through wire transfer or USDT (or credit card for U.S. customers) along with a guide for setting up the necessary wallets, exchanging funds, and tax reporting.
  2. Do Your Machines Come With A Warranty?
    All of our machines are brand new and come with a manufacturer warranty. Generally, the manufacturer's warranty for new machines varies from 180-360 days based on the miner's make and model. 
  3. How Does Electricity Cost Work When Hosting?
    Electricity cost is billed directly to our clients at the start of each hosting month. Hosting is calculated starting on the first calendar day that the miner goes online. We give clients the option to pay for electricity through ACH Debit, USDT, or Credit Card (with an additional fee).
  4. Does Pickaxe Have Access To Funds Being Generated?
    We believe that no mining company should have access to customer funds. We pride ourselves in our transparency and the failsafes we put in place. We set up client operations in a way that limits us to monitoring access, but not financial access. All generated funds get payed out directly to the wallet addresses provided by our clients. This ensures that all of YOUR revenue generated by YOUR machines remains YOURS. 
  5. How Do Entity Purchases Work?
    For clients who wish to purchase through their entity, we have streamlined the entire process. We make the process very similar to purchasing through a personal account with a few added steps depending on which entity you are purchasing through. For guides on how to structure various accounts depending on what entity you are purchasing with, please contact us directly.